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Bennett’s wallaby in Tierpark Nordhorn, Germany.

I’m so glad this is back on my dash via radar.

Cinderella - Mona Meslier Menuau
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If you’re all for positive messages for women in a women’s magazine, please consider backing this new project:
Here’s a couple of quotes from the KS!
What they’re doing:
“Parallel will be liberating, and empowering. It will talk about activism and achievements. It will feature strong women who are really making a difference in this world. It will be intersectional in its content, discussing race, gender, sexuality, and disability. The key aim of Parallel is to initiate feminist discussion within mainstream society.”

Why they’re doing it:
"While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, desirable, sexy, or trendy, what is problematic is the obsession with these things about all else, to the point where being beautiful is seen as life’s greatest achievement and all else pales in comparison."

It’s a minimum pledge of £1, so I encourage everyone to chip in if you can!